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Now Open: Accelerated Professionals Network

Now Open: Accelerated Professionals Network

Membership is now Live! Prospective members can now register to become an official part of the Accelerated Professionals Network. Membership is done using a “Tier” system to make attending APN events and building a network more accessible.

Accelerated Professionals Network is a community of finance professionals collaborating to create a more seamless M&A transaction process. Catering to junior professionals (non-partners), APN encourages those in the financial industry to begin building their networks early in their careers resulting in more transparency into the full life cycle of a deal, an increase in the potential for expedited career growth and development, and greater access to resources as they continue to advance within their roles/organizations.

APN Founder, Caroline Burnham, noticed most financial industry conferences and events were predominantly attended by Partners, Principals, and other seasoned, senior level personnel. Observing this, she found there was a significant divide within the industry and immediately recognized why: with deals on the line, it is difficult for firms to justify the risk, expense, and exposure of sending those other than their most accomplished, senior level resources, to these events. This represents an endless catch 22 cycle for emerging financial industry professionals, hoping to break the barrier to entry, and elevate their careers through networking with other well-connected professionals. Unfortunately, promising junior level talent are often precluded from participating in the very network which could increase such career development opportunities. APN was formed to address this need, to fill the networking gap between knowledge and wisdom, education and technology, energy and instinct, mentor and rising talent, and to provide a much-needed platform for motivated and likeminded contemporaries within the deal cycle, to connect with one another.

APN welcomes the following professionals from the fields of finance and deal making:

Investment Banking – Private Equity – Private Family Offices – Real Estate & Development – Accounting – Tax Services – Insurances – Wealth Management/Financial Planning and Advising – Law – Venture Capital – Business Advising & Strategy – Tech – Independent Consulting – Debt/Credit Providers – Management Consulting – Capital Markets – Any other services that may be involved in a transaction.

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