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Accelerate your Career with APN

We are glad you are considering membership with APN! Becoming a member of APN will grant you access to a variety of features including member forums, groups, job boards, project inquiry boards, member directories, and more.

Membership with APN is on a “Tier” system. Your Tier will not prevent you from attending or accessing APN events. Please make sure you are signing up for the correct tier as registration is monitored, evaluated, and approved by APN staff.

Tier 1 refers to Analysts & Associates with less than three years of experience (also referred to as recent undergraduates). Tier 2 refers to Analysts & Associates with more than three years of experience. Tier 3 refers to Managers, VP’s, Directors, and Managing Directors, and Tier 4 refers to C-suite Executives, Principals, Partners, and Business Owners. Regardless of seniority level, if you are a Protected Veteran, please choose Tier V. If your exact role is not listed, please choose the one closest to your current title. If you are an Independent Contractor or currently between roles, please choose the title that you are applying to jobs for or the closest to your seniority level. Should you have any questions, please email info@the-apn.com.